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Hello friends,

It was the privilege of a lifetime to serve as one of the original two marketing executives at Chick-fil-A, where just a few months ago I took early retirement after 37 years, and most recently served as the Vice President of Growth & Hospitality. Having worked at Chick-fil-A since… literally… the day I graduated from college, I saw the principles of servant leadership, generosity and hospitality play out in the growth of more than 2,300 Chick-fil-A restaurants around the country, resulting in 51 years of consecutive sales growth with 2018 sales topping $10 Billion and a 97 percent employee retention rate in an industry known for turnover! At the heart of that success is a corporate culture that can only be described as Remarkable!!

It was an honor to help build that culture, and now I’m using my experiences to serve leaders who are equally committed to building brands that:

  • Understand that “every life is a story” and want to use their business as a platform to “improve the stories” of those they do business with.
  • Passionately pursue leadership worthy of being “Remarked” about.
  • Are devoted to building cultures so powerful, and so purposeful, that they don’t just “have a mission”… they are “on a mission.”

Together, we can Spark a Revolution of brands more defined by meaning than money, brands that achieve success in a manner that redefines it. It’s my passion for just that, that is the driving force behind my new personal brand, Spark a Revolution, launching January 22. Spark a Revolution will encapsulate all I am now involved in- including speaking, consulting, and events like the Unstoppable Cultures Fellowship. It would be an honor to have you check out the website, and you may even want to sign up for my new newsletter so you can stay in-the-know in the future.

I am also stepping into the world of social media, so feel free to follow me at the links below. I look forward to adding value to your feeds and sharing real-time updates about what I’m up to and the Revolutionary people I encounter in my new adventures.

Finally, would you consider doing me the huge honor of helping me spread the word about Spark a Revolution? My team has created a few images (find them here) that you can share on your own social media accounts. Feel free to post the images at anytime, just be sure to tag me on social media so I can properly thank you!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you in your own endeavors. It would be ‘my pleasure’ to serve your company or organization as you build your own Remarkable and meaningful culture.

I’d love to connect with you on social media, you can find me on these platforms:

Together, we can Spark a Revolution of brands more defined by meaning than money, brands that achieve success in a manner that redefines it.

David Salyers
Founder, Spark A Revolution

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