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  • Remarkable

    How many businesses do you come across in a day that are just plain unremarkable? They have nothing unique that sets them apart from their competitors, and they exist only to extract value from their customers. To put it simply, there’s nothing about these types of organizations that’s worth remarking about.

    But what if we could shift the paradigm? What if we could truly understand what makes certain businesses “remarkable” and apply those principles to our own organizations? In this signature talk, David Salyers powerfully does just that. In “Remarkable,” David will walk through how the shift from extracting value from other people to creating value for other people can radically change your business and the impact it will make to your customers, employees, stakeholders and even your bottom line. Exploring key themes on culture, values, and mission, “Remarkable” is an engaging and memorable speech that has the potential to impact you and your organization to the very core.

  • Meaningful

    Every business exists to make money; there’s no question about that. However, the bigger question is - is that all your business exists to do? The reality is that most businesses don’t have a purpose beyond financial success, and the result is that they become commodities that can be easily replicated or, worse still, easily forgotten.

    However, what the world’s greatest organizations know is that having a purpose beyond money is one of the most critical components of lasting success. In “Meaningful,” David masterfully shares how great brands attach meaning to their basic product and service offerings, which in turn multiplies the value they are creating for customers. Using compelling service and marketing examples from businesses like Chick-fil-A, Nike, The Ritz Carlton, and Uber, “Meaningful” will both inspire and instruct your organization to think beyond making marginally more money, and instead to realizing your limitless potential.

  • Leadership Calling

    What is the purpose of great leadership? Is it to have the most power? Get the most credit? Have the most followers? Be the best? Or is it something deeper, richer… Is it to create a lasting impact for your organization that is far greater than you and lasts far beyond the scope of your life?

    In this memorable leadership talk, David explores the connections between leadership, stewardship, and culture, and discusses the idea that each of our “leadership calling” is to be good stewards. Using powerful visual examples as well as concepts from the world of physics, David shares how a leadership mindset focused on service, collaboration, and inspiration can create a wave for good that will impact your organization - and maybe even the world - in an unforgettable way.

  • Remarkable Dad

    Think about the moments that make up your life to date. The big moments and the small, the funny and the heartbreaking, the memorable and the ones you’d rather forget. Now think about which moments you would include in your life story - the ones that are not only noteworthy but the ones that are truly defining. The moments that made you who you are today.

    What David, a father of three, realized is that he didn’t want to just be a part of his kids’ life stories - he wanted to play an active role in shaping their most defining moments. Through a powerful experience at a neighbor’s bar mitzvah, David realized one way to do this was to do this by crafting a key milestone experience for his sons that would transition them to and prepare them for adulthood - a program that became what’s now known as Champion Tribes.

    In “Remarkable Dad,” David explores the principles behind Champion Tribes as well as lessons that all fathers can learn from and be inspired by. He shares about the importance of blessing and affirming children, and inspires dads to not just coach their kids on the soccer field but in life, guiding them on what it means to truly be a success from both a dad’s and God’s perspective.

  • Remarkable Hospitality

    When businesses consider their customer experience strategy, they often focus on mitigating the negative experiences - making up for the slow service, apologizing for the inconsiderate employee, refunding for the lost order. By focusing only on the problems that need to be fixed, they set the bar at average or, at best, forgettable.

    But there’s a new approach to customer experience, an approach that focuses on creating memorable positive experiences - "peak moments" - instead of just fixing the negative ones. In this compelling talk, David will explore this paradigm shift and challenge the way your organization approaches hospitality and service. Using moving examples from Chick-fil-A Team Members across the country, he’ll expand on the ROI potential in creating daily peak moments and will challenge you to see business as not only an opportunity for monetization, but also for "moment-ization."

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“David Salyers defines remarkable at ExxonMobile Lecture Series!”

"David provides compelling insight as to how personal character development and a healthy corporate culture are inextricably linked."

Dave Ridley

SVP Southwest Airlines
Dave Ridley

“When the culture of an group or organization is right, people are motivated by factors far more powerful than money. David Salyers will help you get the culture right!”

Andy Stanley

Author and Founder of North Point Ministries, Inc.

“For over three decades, I’ve seen firsthand how the emotional climate of an organization and its culture are both created and sustained by leaders. David Salyers will help you take control of your culture and help make it come alive!"

Dr. Henry Cloud

Clinical psychologist, acclaimed leadership expert and New York Times best-selling author
Dr. Henry Cloud

“Every organization has a culture. It will either be by design or by default. David will help leaders intentionally craft a compelling culture, where team members are inspired to bring their best to the table every single day.”

Dr. John C. Maxwell

New York Times bestselling author
Dr. John C. Maxwell

“David was truly amazing. The attendees loved him, his presentation was inspiring, he was on time and prepared. He was a true professional and gentleman. I can’t say enough good things.”

Arielle Galimidi

Dynami Group

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